6 Tips To Create A Great Highlight Video

No matter what kind of video content you might be shooting, you should not leave anything to chance. This can lead to the end product being of poor quality and even ruin the storytelling. Make sure you have the right tips and tricks to make an amazing video, especially your first one. 

The same goes for when you are making a highlight reel. When thinking of a highlight video, you might consider a sports event summed up into a few minutes. But that is not it. If you are a college coach looking to find new recruits, a highlight video is the best possible way to find prospects. 

It is quite a popular tool that allows the coaches to evaluate the athlete’s skill set while also helping them determine if they are a good fit for the team. Every athlete looking for a future in the same field should have a highlight video. 

This will allow coaches from different colleges to easily judge you while also heightening their chances of recruitment. With a highlight video already made, the athletes can reach and present their capabilities in a more concise manner before others make their move. 

That being said, making a highlight video is not an easy task. There are quite a few intricacies in the process that you have to keep in mind. Mainly you must understand what the coach wants to see in the video. 

Things to Keep in Mind While Making a Highlight Video

Making a highlight video on your own, as you wish, will not help you crack any recruitment interview. Instead, a poorly made video might even worsen your chances of recruitment since you will fail to highlight your strengths. 

This is a perfect read for those trying to make a highlight video but do not know where to start. Here you will learn several tips and tricks that will help you create a better and much more attractive highlight video. 

1. Recognize the Expectations of Coaches

This is one of the first things that you need to ensure while making a highlight video. Any highlight video will be presented to the coach first. This is also why you should always keep the expectations of the coaches as your priority. 

College coaches are always on the lookout for well-rounded and versatile athletes, but their expectations might vary depending on the position. Before you start shooting your video, make sure that you know the skills the coaches are looking for, for your position. 

2. Do Not Stop with Just One Shoot

One of the most common mistakes people make while shooting highlight videos is to stop at one. This is perhaps the worst mistake you can make. Even if you are trying to showcase one skill, you should capture it from different angles and give the coach a good view of your skills. 

In addition to that, if you have already been a part of some games where you are happy with your performance, include them. Add multiple clubs and varsity games. Just make sure you give the coaches enough material to evaluate you against strong competition. 

3. Make Sure to Use the Right Equipment

Being an athlete, you must already have the right playing equipment and understand the importance of it. Similarly, when making a video, you should always think like a video creator instead of someone just shooting home videos. 

Make sure your videos are stable and look professional enough. You can always ask one of your friends, family members, or even your coach to capture the footage. Ensure that you use a quality camera or a device that has one. It is best if you can use a tripod to shoot the footage. This will ensure that it is stable. 

4. Focus on Yourself

This is perhaps one of the most important tricks in this list that allows your video not only to be more effective but also look more professional. You should always ensure to focus on your gameplay while shooting the video. Make sure that viewfinder focuses on your jersey number, technical ability, and foot skills. 

This does not mean you miss out on the game. Although it should be zoomed in on you, it should also have the rest of the game in its focus. Showing the coach the progression of the game and other players as well. To make it clearer, you can highlight yourself with an arrow or circle in the beginning while editing the video. 

5. Start With a Bang

You should always ensure that you start your video with the best and most impressive clips of yourself. Anyway, a highlight reel should be under 3 minutes. This is all the time the coach will judge if you are fit enough for his team. Make sure you make quite an impression. 

Starting the video with the best clips will ensure that the coach is hooked on your play. It is a good idea to add clips that are position-specific and your style of gameplay. You should be confident showcasing those skills anywhere. 

6. Keep It Short

You should always be respectful of the coach’s time. Since it is your gameplay, you will always want to show most of it. The coach might soon lose interest if it is too long. Keeping it under 3 minutes is the best idea. 

In those 3 minutes, make sure that you showcase various skills, games, and different positions. A rule you can follow is to fit at least 20-30 clips in those 3 minutes. This will surely improve your chances of getting recruited. 

In Conclusion

Understanding it all at first can be quite confusing. With a few trials and errors and these tips mentioned here, you will soon be a master at creating your highlight videos. Just know that these are the 3 minutes that you get to showcase your best skills and form. 

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