Best Disability Insurance Service for Professionals by Instant Disability

Instant disability is one of the top most leading and emerging company in the field of disability insurances and the reason being that, instant disability has expanded its policy coverage in such a way so that, almost all people working in different fields can avail the policy benefits and one of such popular disability insurance service is for professionals.

Professional disability insurance policies are generally written for individuals with certain occupations that generate a good annual income. people with occupations like physicians, doctors, engineers,  dentists, lawyers, architects, athletes, CEO’s, CFO’s typically by these policies in the form of income  replacement because if due to any event that can cause disability they can avail the benefits of their  insurance.

Concerning thing with most professionals is that they have spent most of their time and money to pursue their profession and particularly being into highly skilled professions they cannot later on afford to change their profession. So, instant disability insurance is the best income substitution method for professionals.

Specific features provided by instant disability for professionals are as follows: –

➢ As a professional you can opt for either of two:-Short term policy or long term disability policy.  But, for you we would prefer individual long term disability insurance. We have seen with almost 90% of professionals that the cost of living increases year by year. So, you would certainly want a backup plan to protect your income in case you go through disability.

➢ Our customer always our customer – Instant disability gives you the liberty that even if you change your job your policy will still stay intact which means that the policies are portable. Individual coverage stays with you as long as you pay your premiums.

➢ Recovery benefits – In the recovery phase from disability you don’t have to bother about your financial expenses and obligations because the insurance amount will keep you financially fit and this will certainly help you in recovery as well.

➢ Cost of living adjustment- This means that the Instant Disability Insurance Company will increase your benefit to account for inflation.

➢ Elimination period – Also called as waiting. It is the amount of time after becoming disabled until insurance company pay benefits. You will start receiving the benefits after 7 to 30 days as soon as the entire paperwork is finished.

➢ Interestingly self-employed professionals are also included in the policy because they are even more vulnerable in situations like of disability. they don’t have a regular and certain income  every month or annually. If you don’t have an insurance policy then disability may drain your savings away. So, it’s better to make a sound financial decision by having a suitable policy for yourself.

➢ Optional greeted lifetime benefits beyond a certain age.

➢ Partial or total disability benefits will be given till the age of 65 or for life as well.

➢ Instant Disability also represent professionals with disability insurance claims spanning broad range of occupations.

➢ This insurance is all about protecting your income which otherwise you will lost due to disability. This policy coverage protects your ability to earn an income.

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