Best Real Estate Marketing Companies in Pakistan

In this modern age, old school method of marketing is gone. Nowadays each business uses the latest and modern techniques to target their customers, the same is the case with the real estate business. Gone are the days of posting an advertisement in the newspaper or telling your local property dealer to sell your property for you.

Nowadays marketing companies have stepped into the real estate business, and they are the fastest and most effective solution for buying and selling your property.

You can either post an advertisement in the newspaper and wait for ages or give these marketing companies a small percentage of your money and sell your property as fast as possible and at your desired price, as large marketing companies such as Tameer have several clients lined up. Here are the best real estate companies in Pakistan you can use for your buying and selling needs:

Star Marketing

Star marketing has been in the real estate business for more than a decade. They are one of the biggest marketing companies in Pakistan and have stayed true to its motto: simple, effective yet progressive marketing strategy.

They have undertaken some of the biggest projects in Pakistan, and are established in all major cities of Pakistan. They even have marketing associates in countries such as the USA, Canada, Europe, etc., and are the go-to for foreign investors.

Tameer. pkTameer

With their top-notch and experienced expertise, Tameer is no doubt one of the best real estate marketing agencies. Tameer provides the best consulting and management services. By promoting a really high work ethic, and professionalism Tameer has earned its due share of customer satisfaction and trust.

The brand is not only in the marketing business but also deals in the construction side of the property. Tameer has set itself apart from its opponent due to its transparency, customer care, and client satisfaction.


Zameen. pk is the biggest online property dealer right now. They shortened the perilous process of property selling of going from one dealer to another and showing your property to several customers, now you just have to pick up your cellphone, take some pictures and add a description, and voila your property is on the market.

Zameen. pk also has several experts that deal in the investment side of property buying and selling. Zameen. pk not only displays the properties for sale but its experts help you select the best ones for your long-term investment.

Grana. pkgraana

Grana. pk revolutionized the  Pakistani property market. They assist their consumer in buying, selling renting, and even investing in real estate marketing. Despite being one of the biggest names in the Pakistani real estate market they have an extremely transparent process and keep their customer aware of all prospects of buying and selling.

Grana. pk is a one-stop solution for real estate. You can depend upon grana for buying and selling your property at your desired price in the shortest time. Being one of the biggest real estate agencies, they have hundreds of buyers and sellers in link with them, which helps in fulfilling your desired need in the most efficient way.

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