How C Curl Perm Gives a Charming Look & Why Peekaboo Highlights are Joyful?

C curl perm is a hairstyle with a combo of straight and curl. The hair is straightening from the start and inward or outward curl from the ends. C curl perm gives a heavy and fresh look to hair.

C curl perm is in trend now and set in different faces and hairs in suitable ways. This hairstyle is perfect for every occasion and can be managed easily.

C Curl Perm Can Be Long Time Maintained?

Perms are called permanent hairstyles. C curl perms last for a few months it is a chemical process if it is well maintained then it is last for up to 6-10 months. But on the other hand if C curl perm is neglected it starts its break down.

You will have to keep in touch with a stylist to maintain your perm at least once every 12 weeks. For C curl perm Maintenance use curl enhancing products. At the time of brush, your hair rolls the brush towards the curl direction to keep them in place. Use those shampoos and conditioners which are specific for curly hairs. After getting C curl perm for a few weeks keep away from coloring treatment.

How To Care for C Curl Perm?

C curl perm makes life easy instead of spending half an hour every morning curling the hair. But C curl perm needs a bit of care for its look which you want.  It gives your hair texture and volume.  Here are some tips to maintain C curl perm.

  1. Avoid any styling at the start
  2. Moisturize your hair
  3. Less shampoo and conditioners
  4. Get the right products
  5. Dry your hair in the proper way
  6. Avoid heat styling

Different types of Perms

There are some most popular and trending types of perms are listed:

  1. Spiral perm
  2. Volumizing perm
  3. Stack perm
  4. Multi-textured perm
  5. Straight perm
  6. Root perm
  7. Pin curl perm
  8. Spot or partial perm
  9. Digital perm
  10. Beach wave perm
  11. Body wave perm

Hair length and texture are important in choosing a C curl perm. You can be looking at the pictures and with the help of a stylist make the right decision.

Cost of C Curl Perm

C curl perm costs anywhere minimum 40$ and a maximum of 200$. Because it is a time taking work and also depends on the length of hair and its waves. Hot and cold c curl perm also has an impact on cost. A cold perm makes the hair wavier. When it is wet using styling gels and air drying makes them wavy. In a hot C curl applies more chemicals and heat are applied.

Peekaboo Highlights

Peekaboo highlights are hidden highlights or hidden hair colors. In these highlights, you leave the top layer of hair in natural color but beneath layers of hair have a different color. On the surface, hair looks plain and natural but when you style your hair hidden color shows its beauty.

Why Are These Highlights Named Peekaboo?

Peekaboo is a game. Whenever you play this with a child, cover your eyes when you suddenly open them and say peek-a-boo. The child became happy and hear the sound of laughter. The same joy came when you get peekaboo highlights. It is done at the back of the head and covered by the top layer of your hair. When they showed this type of happiness come.

Before Taking a Look at Peekaboo Highlights

When you decide to take a look at peekaboo highlights first took notice of your natural hair color, eye color, and skin tone. Then decide on the color of peekaboo highlights. You can get advice from a professional hairstylist. After deciding on the color figure out the lower portion layers for hair color.

Maintenance of Peekaboo Highlights

  1. After getting peekaboo highlights to maintain them for a long time can be easy. These are some hints to make it possible.
  2. Try to use fewer chemicals in shampoo to save the color of your peekaboo highlight.
  3. Use hydrating conditioner along with shampoo to take care of your peekaboo highlights.
  4. Try to not dry out your hair so use any moisturizing gel or mask for your hair to prevent dryness.
  5. Massage your hair with warm oil to nourish them so will come to your peekaboo highlights.
  6. After getting peekaboo highlights to try not to tight them from any hairstyle. Leave them loose at least for two or three weeks.
  7. Gently brush your hair and start from the edges, not from the head.

If you want your peekaboo highlights to become fresh you have to keep in touch with the stylist.

Famous Peekaboo Highlights

These are some styles for the famous peekaboo highlights which are included in the modern trend.

  1. Chocolate brown and lilac
  2. Purple and blue
  3. Burnt highlights
  4. Woody composition
  5. Blonde peekaboo
  6. Unicorn blend
  7. Mermaid tales
  8. Chocolate strawberry mix
  9. The forest mix
  10. Cherry cola pops

Cost of Peekaboo Highlight

Peekaboo highlights normally cost 149$ anywhere. To make peekaboo highlights at home is an unwise choice. Because peekaboo highlights the need for skills and a professional mind. The purpose of saving money can damage your hair. Peekaboo highlights need low maintenance and enhance your look if you visit any saloon regularly.

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