Five Best Methods For International Calls

The world has grown too much in the field of technology. In recent decades, the innovations have become too modern thorough in which you can keep an eye on every event of the world. In the near past, people were only able to make phone calls with their friends or family members within a city or a country.

Now, it has become very common to get access to people who are living on another continent of the world. For seeking some information about those people who are living far behind from you, you always use a method for international calling. At some moments, you may feel distortion in such kind of calls.

For keeping you away from such a disturbance, we are going to give a brief introduction to the best methods of international calls. There are multiple ways through which you can make a connection with the person sitting at any corner of the world. The only need you both have is the internet connection.

Let’s start to read about them without wasting any time.

Methods For International Calls

Google Voice

Google Voice is one of the most feasible means of international communication. You can make voice calls using this application on any of your devices.

It is also an affordable means for international calling. This is a U.S based application due to which you may face high rates issues. It is the only drawback of this application due to which many people do not prefer it.

This application allows the user to get a specific number through which he can get access to his nearby friends and family members living in any other country. The user will have to pay a one-time fee when he comes to the application for the first time.

The restriction of devices for the installation and usage of this application is not determined while it is available for every kind of device. Due to its affordable price and good quality work, it is a competitive application for international calling.


When it comes to social media networking websites, the most important tool owned by Facebook now is Whatsapp. It is one of the best tools for international callings. The reason behind its feasibility is that it does not charge any extra money for any call.

No matter, you want to make a call with your local concerns or an international one you only need a strong internet connection for this call. The company of any network will not charge you except your data you are using to make a call.

Another feature of this wonderful application is that you can make an audio as well as video call. Due to this reason, it may also be used for meeting the purpose of only 8 persons because video call only offers 8 persons at a time.

The user just needs to get a number on which he wants to make a call. The cell number will be enough for any kind of communication via Whatsapp, no matter which type of concern you have.


Rebtel is considered the cheapest way to connect with an international audience with perfect quality. It is a collection of various apps through which you can make any call with any person in the world.

Different applications and tools are available there to make any kind of device as it has different options for Android and iPhone devices.

If you are using this application over the internet, you would not have to pay any charges to any company. In some cases, you may be asked for a little money because of some concerns.

For US users, it is a free application for making calls for an unlimited time. But when you use this application for international callings without the internet, you will be charged a prominent amount.

The amount in such cases will also not a higher one because it allows the user to get high results in less amount. You may connect to any person on the planet with just a single click.


Another best way for international calling services is Skype. It is a completely free application to make calls and send messages over the internet. You only need a strong internet connection for making calls to any region of the world.

Through this application, you can send messages and make calls both audio and video. Further, you can also share your device screen with your connections for meeting purposes.

Due to all such features, a huge number of people are using this application for their international calls. The only drawback of this tool is that it can not be used for urgent calls. You can make calls when both participants will be online.


IMO is a pretty new application for making audio and video calls. It is not an application with an old background but it is an application with some perfect features. You can get access to international calling services through this tool free of cost. You will never have to pay any amount in case of making a call to any region of the world.

Both types of devices, Android and iPhone users can use this application without any hurdles and special device.

The Bottom Line

All the above-mentioned methods are the best of all for international calls. You just have to get any of the above applications and sign up or sign in for that particular application. The method of their usage is very simple that a common man can understand them with instructions given with every single step. You do not need to worry about expensive rates for international calls to get access to your dear ones now.

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