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QuickBooks is one of the most distinguished accounting software products utilized across the globe for multiple complex accounting & financial management solutions.

The reason behind its prominence is that it comprises all attributes and tools needed to handle complex accounting errands for a smooth work-process in any small-or-medium-sized business or organization.

The major reason that QuickBooks Payroll Support being most preferred amongst business owners is that this software has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier to operate for those who are not tech-savvy.


Additionally, QuickBooks is packaged with a plethora of enhancing attributes that even integrate more values to the software in-terms of leveling out the smooth work-flow of your business such as calculating payroll taxes, preparing and e-filing federal  & state tax forms, creating paychecks, managing inventory, handling multiple currencies simultaneously, and online banking  & reconciliation process, etc.

But every once in a while it happens that while working on QuickBooks, users encounter issues that might hinder the smooth work-flow of the software. So in today’s blog, we are going to discuss one such error called QuickBooks Error H505. Now, let’s get into the details to know how to fix the error in detail.


What Is QB Error H505?

QB Error H505 generally crops-up when the user attempts to receive the company files or data on another PC & that computer does not have a suitable establishment. Commonly, such H series errors are associated with hosting settings issues.

This error code mainly turns-up on the window screen when more of the user’s computers are set to be the QB server.

Always keep a note of it that the user’s system can function in multi-user mode, but only the server is compatible in a way that is the PC that hosts the company files. It should be the only machine set-up to act as the host.

What Are The Reasons Behind QB Error H505?

The most repeated emergence of QB Error H505 is when a user attempts to switch between single-user and multi-user mode on QB Desktop and the application cannot validate a connection with the server.

There is a possibility that only one PC can be a server hosting QuickBooks company files on the multi-user platform. There are multiple sources why this error takes place, have a look:

  1. Inappropriate or corrupted.ND files.
  2. When QuickBooksDBXX and QBCFMonitor services are not functioning properly.
  3. Incapability to locate the server IP address.
  4. Incorrect hosting settings.
  5. Under such scenarios when host mode turned off on the server.
  6. Wrong firewall setting configuration.
  7. When there are issues with DNS settings.

What Are The Primary Manifestations Of QB Error H505?

  1. The most common symptom, which causes Error H505 is that multi-user mode cannot be utilized.
  2. Also when this error occurs, the QuickBooks program window gets corrupted.
  3. Due to this error trouble, the system crashes again and again.
  4. When Windows might become unresponsive and suspend quite often.
  5. Also, this error triggers when the user declines to access the QuickBooks company file saved on the server
  6. When this error crops-up, this starts flashing on the window screen.

What Are The Efficient Ways To Troubleshoot QB Error H505?

Solution 1: Utilize QuickBooks File Doctor

QB file doctor is developed to fix common and hectic troubles of QuickBooks. You just require to download and install the tools to scan the system and troubleshoot issues. For executing the process, adhere to the below-mentioned steps. 

Firstly, just download and run the QuickBooks File Doctor on the server. This will eliminate all the H – series & multi-user errors automatically. If still, the Error Code H505 is emerging, then implement solution 2.

Solution 2: Validate Services & Hosting

Step 1: In The Very First, You Are Just Required To Validate The Services:

  1. Try to ensure that the QuickBooksDBXX & QBCFMonitor services are running:
  2. Now, just hit a click on the “Windows” or “Start” button.
  3. Then, Insert the keys “Window+R”.
  4. While being on the  run box, just enter “MSC” & press the “Enter” tab
  5. Once being on the services window, just search for “QuickBooksDBXX service.
  6. Probably, the QuickBooksDBXX service is not visible:
  7. Now, validate if the Database Server Manager is installed on the server or not.
  8. Then, access the QuickBooks if the user runs the full program on the server. In the end, make sure that the hosting is getting enabled by verifying it or not.
  9. After completing that process, open the “QuickBooksDBXX” service and try to confirm that startup type & service status has initiated.
  10. Then, just click on the “Recovery” tab.
  11. Concludingly, just save the changes.

Step 2: Validate The Hosting

  1. Firstly access“QuickBooks” on each hosting computer.
  2. Then, try to just navigate to the “File“ option, and then the “Utilities” option.
  3. Now, if you can see the “Host Multi-User Access” on the list. This simply interprets that the computer is not able to host the file.
  4. So, if you can see an option like “Stop Hosting Multi-User Access“, then select it.
  5. Again, navigate to the “Company“
  6. Then select, “File Must Be Closed window”
  7. Finally, tap a click on the “Yes” option.

Hopefully, by reading our blog, you might have got an idea about what QuickBooks Error H505 is all about and its potential ways to fix it.

So, while troubleshooting the error codes if finding any sort of issues, you can directly contact our executives by just dialing our +1-855-929-0120. Our executives are always available for your assistance 24/7, constant to aid the clients. So, why delay? Call now!! 

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