Is Chess A Sport? – Why Chess Should Be Considered As A Sport.

Chess is one of the most elite classes and reliable games in the world. According to the exact definition of sports, chess is not a sport. Sport is that kind of game that should be athletic according to well-known dictionaries of English. From this point of view, Chess is not a sport as it is not an athletic game.

But there are many features of Chess that agree for people to admit that it is a sport too. Many people admit these properties of this game and demanded the international sports council to treat it like other sports. In the UK, Chess is not funded by the government or any other official for the proper tournament.


Here We Are Going To Tell Why Chess Should Be Considered As A Sport.

Competitive Sport:

Like cricket, hockey and other games, Chess is also a competitive game. It can be played for 7 to 8 hours if both the players are active. It is a mind game that enhances the competition between players who are sitting on the sides of the table looking at the board carefully. A minor mistake or laziness can become the reason for a person’s defeat.

Well Organized:

Chess is a well-organized game that sharps the mind of the participant quickly and accurately. The world championship of this game is playing for many years and now it has become popular among common people also. The reason behind this is that its tournaments are played at school, college and university level. These steps from international federations have made it a more popular and well aware game.

Competitive Sport

Behavior Calculator:

Chess is one of those games that demand a lot of patience from both the players. As this game has a long time interval for its completion, so the players should be active as well as full of patience. Their patience is used to estimate their behavior and to know how much they are well in controlling their nerves. In school and collages, this game is played for this purpose particularly. In this way, the players are told how much they have to struggle to control their behavior.

Worldwide Game

Due to the above-mentioned features, Chess has become a worldwide or global game. It is playing in every region of the world to identify and implement the above feature to society. Because of these features, the society can be made a peaceful place to live as well as a healthy world can be established for people.

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All the above-mentioned properties of Chess have decided that it is just like a sport. We can not kick it out from the list of games of the world with such useful features.

Chess For Beginners

Chess For Beginners

Due to the rapid growth of the game in the world, many people are moving towards it. The numbers of people are just so high that it is also considering the fastest growing game in the world. Due to its multiple features, many chess beginners want to learn how to play this game.

In the following lines, we are going to describe the complete method to play this game. But before learning this, you will have to keep yourself active and attentive because these are the requirements of the game to play it. The attention of both the players will continue the game for many hours and make it more interesting.

How To Play Chess

Different steps are adopted by the players to learn about these tricks. First of all, you would have to know about the boxes of the chessboard. Various boxes in two colors i.e, White and Black are available on it.

How To Play Chess

Setup of The Board

The chessboard should be placed with a specific method. Both the players should have white boxes on their right corner at the nearby position. It means the right hand of both players should touch the white box first because of its position.

Selection of The First Turn

The two types of pieces are used to play chess. The player who selects white pieces should move his pieces first. It means the person should turn first and then the other player’s turn happens and so on. A person can only move a single piece in one turn except for some particular conditions.

What Are Pawns?

Pawns are pieces of Chess that are also called common pieces. Every player has 8 pawns from a total of 16 pieces with which the game will have to play. The movements of pawns are different from the other 8 pieces.

chess game

Every pawn can only move forward in a specific manner. It can only be moved two boxes in a forward manner. While when it reaches on the other side of the chessboard, a player can trade it with any other piece except the king.

As it is earlier described that 8 pieces are called pawn and the motion of them is also given above. While the other 8 pieces are divided into 5 categories because of specialties. The distribution is made so that we called 2 of them rooks, 2 bishops, 2 knights, 1 queen, and 1 king.

All these pieces have different dimensions from the pawns and their specialties and movements are also different from them.  The motions of all of these pieces are different from pawns and each other. In the following section, we are going to guide you about the movement of them and feasibility in the game step by step.

First of all, let’s start from Rook that can move in all four directions. It can be moved forward, backward, right and left from its position. It can not be moved along a diagonal line from the position.

Similarly, knights move according to a specific pattern in the form of the English alphabet “L” shape. It can also move in four directions but the distance of boxes, it moves, is fixed. You can move it two boxes in all directions from the position with a single box right turn from the destination. It is the only piece in chess that overcome all the hurdles that come in the way of the destination square.

The third type of pieces in this regard is Bishops. These pieces move only in the direction of a diagonal line from the position till the end of the chessboard. The diagonal lines are not specific with direction but these can be drawn in all directions of the position of Bishops.

The fourth type is the queen that can move in all directions from its position. It means no matter the direction is along the diagonal line or in four other directions. In short, the queen is not restricted to move in any of the directions on the Chessboard.


The fifth and last type of piece is King. These are those pieces that can move in any direction but one square at a time. The square that is under the command of the opponent restricts the motion of the king. All these moments are associated with particular types of pieces.

Apart from these movements, some special movements are also used by a player of chess for success. These special moments are named as Castling and En Passant.


Castling is the special movement that is adopted by the player to move two pieces in a single turn. The pieces that can turn in this move are King and Rook. It demands specific conditions to use this trick. First of all, some conditions related to the king are giving as. If the king has not moved yet from its original position and King is not placed in the check position. Also, when the king is moved, it would not pass through check-points or will not reach the check position. Then Castling can be used by the player.

Furthermore, if any other piece is placed between King and Castling-side Rook then this move can not be used. Lastly, if the castling-side rook has moved then this condition also restricts this movement to be used.

En Passant

This movement is specially made for Pawns. A person can only use it when the opponent player has moved pawn two spaces and after it, it is placed to your pawn’s next box. You can get that piece simply by moving your pawn.


A king is under the Check command when a piece from the opponent’s side is in the position to attack it. A player can not move kings when it is placed under this condition. For surviving in the game, a person should have to move his king from that position or should place blockage in the way of attacker and king.

En Passant


It is the best way to win the game from the opponent. It can be achieved by forcing the opponent to place his kings in the check position.

By adopting all the above-mentioned techniques, you can play chess and also make your game more progressive. The above article will help you a lot either you are a beginner in the sport or playing it already.

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