Is it legal to use gel blasters in Australia?

Gel blasting has become a popular sport that some people like to play. It involves using a gel blaster that is fired at the opponent. The ammo inside is generally safe. If you are planning to play gel blasting and use a gel blaster, you will be wondering are gel blasters legal in Australia? It is important to know this before playing the game.

Can I use a gel blaster legally in Australia?

Gel blasters tend to be illegal across Australia in all States as well as Territories except Queensland. This is the only place within Australia that lets one have a gel blaster without getting a permit or license as it is not classed like a firearm or some weapon. However it is illegal to carry one with you in public sight. This is unless you have a valid reason for it.

What is a gel blaster?

Before knowing the legality of a gel blaster in detail, you should know what it is. These are generally spring powered and battery operated plastic toy guns. At the time that the trigger gets pressed, the spring-loaded hammer will strike the valve present at the middle of the “grenade” base. This releases the canister’s stored gas through its cap holes. This propels and sprays out the gels towards your aimed target.

When it comes to a gel blaster, this can often shoot soft gel projectiles to around 250 feet a second. The toy gun is a safe gun to use.The projectiles include 6-8mm superabsorbent polymer water beads.

Legality of gel blasters in NSW

When it comes to New South Wales laws, these state that gel blasters are a “firearm”. They are illegal to have or employ unless you have some valid license or permit that will authorize you to have it. There are certain conditions and requirements which you should fulfill prior to being given a license or permit. This will be given to you by the NSW Commissioner of Police.

Those who illegally have a gel blaster, this can lead to you been charged by the police, having to appear in court and then facing penalties that can be up to 5 years in jail. You may have to pay a fine also.

Legality of gel blasters in Sydney

You can find gel blasters in Sydney in many firearms online stores. The laws here do not let anyone have or use a gel blaster unless they have a valid firearms license or even permit. You can go to jail for 5 years if you use one without a license.

The laws of Queensland’s do not regard gel blasters to be firearms so people can have them and use them without a license or permit.

There are differentstores across Australia that sell gel blasters online. Choose a store that has a firearms dealer’slicense so that they are allowed to deal in gel blasters. They should only sell a gel blaster to the person who has a proper firearms license which lets them use a gel blaster gun.


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