Lamborghini Veneno Specs – Unique And Attractive Design

Lamborghini is one of the most luxurious brands of cars that provide a variety of comfortable vehicles. It is famous due to its luxuries as well as sports cars. It is an Italian company who gives all the possible facilities to its users.

Since 1963 the year on which it started working, the company has served people in this field a lot. Through their extraordinary products, this organization has become an attraction for every single person in the world, especially for young people.

What is Lamborghini Veneno?

Lamborghini Veneno is a particular brand launched by this company. This car has its own fan following because of its structure, engine, and other instruments. It was launched by the company on its 50th anniversary in Geneva.

What is Lamborghini Veneno

Its design and all other features are different from all the models of the company. The maximum speed achievement and fuel adjustment of this car are not available yet in any other model of the car of any other company.

Features of Lamborghini Veneno

There are multiple features of this car that attract a huge number of people towards it. A man who has desires to buy a sports car can never move towards any other model after knowing its features.


This car has a unique and attractive design based on which it is also called a masterpiece among all other cars. The design was made by keeping in view the design of Aeronautics that has a specified engine and its other parts.

Due to its powerful engine and capacity, it has a maximum speed of 335 km/h that is considered the highest one in such vehicles. It is not wrong to say that a man who is riding this car will feel himself flying in the air.

Features of Lamborghini Veneno

It has an arrow-like shape from the front that makes it feasible to move properly at high speeds without any problems. Also, the Lamborghini lines on its body give it another charming look and beautiful one too.

The transmission type of this car is completely electronic with a little percentage of mechanical self- locking features. All four tires are controlled electronically through Haldex generation IV but the mechanical system is also available that is used very rear. Furthermore, the gearbox of Lamborghini Veneno has some extra features like 7 speeds feature and many others.

Internal features

The most important thing about a car in its internal structure is Steering with which the car is controlled completely. Its design, structure, and side should be of such type that allows the driver to drive with ease.

For completing this task nicely, Lamborghini Veneno’s steering is made with great attention.  It is a hydraulic assisted power steering with Servotronic system that makes it more comfortable for the user. It is also integrated with electronic stability control for the savage of the driver and his partner. In short, this car is one of the safest and comfortable inventions of the company.

Internal features

Why Lamborghini Veneno Is Considered Instead of Any Other?

The most competitive car for Lamborghini Veneno is made by Ferrari company under the name of Ferrari F12berlinetta. The features of this car are also unbelievable regarding speed, capacity, and fuel usage. Other features regarding electronic stability and steering placement, it is also another pretty invention of the designers and team.

No doubt, Ferrari is also a good vehicle regarding sports cars but Lamborghini Veneno is unmatchable. Its features are above all other vehicle and that is why it should be considered for long term usage with comfortability.

Lamborghini Veneno

From its launch, a huge number of car lovers have moved towards it and bought it for their convenience. Many people feel confused about the procedure for purchasing this car as well as many others.

Such people can contact any dealer from their local market but the most useful procedure is contact with online dealers. They are international dealers who provide their services from start to end. Your order will be delivered in your country and desire place when the deal is done and specific steps have been done.

Lamborghini Veneno Price

3,000,000 € (2013)

Lamborghini Veneno Specs

Years built

Production3 units
PresentationMarch 2013 Geneva Auto Show

Type of car

Two door coupé, two seater berlinetta

Wheelbase2700 mm / 106.11 in
Overall length5020 mm / 197.29 in
Rear track

1700 mm / 66.81 in

DistributionDual overhead camshafts

Cyl.Capacity6498 cc / 396 ci
Bore & stroke95 x 76,4 mm

Top Speed

355 Km/h / 220 Mph

0 - 100 Km/h

2.80 sec.

Fuel90 Liter / 24 Gallon

Engine oil

13 Liter / 3 Gallon

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