Taylor Swift Lover Quotes

Taylor swift’s album lover is a unique mix of bops and emotional tunes. The 18-songs tracklist has a solid lyrical combination as a listener feels himself riding an emotional rollercoaster all the time. Along with this, you will also find a lot of amazing Taylor swift lover quotes available on the internet.

Taylor’s music is always relatable to all of us because it showcases our emotions and feelings in a very gentle way. But Lover has something additional that is why on social media, Taylor’s fans are calling this album the best ever album by Taylor Swift.

The album “Lover” is full of music that expresses what we are feeling very generously. While listing the whole album, it seems that we are listening to ourselves through her songs.

So do not waste your time and add captions on your Instagram and other social media photos from Lover. Here we have created a list of Taylor Swift Lover Captions which while listening we screamed that she is talking ourselves out.

Top Taylor Swift Lover Quotes

‘How many days did I spend thinking about how you did me wrong, wrong, wrong?’ – ‘I Forgot That You Existed’

‘I forgot that you existed and I thought that it would kill me, but it didn’t.’ – ‘I Forgot That You Existed’

‘I’ve got a hundred thrown-out speeches I almost said to you’ – ‘The Archer’

”Cause all of my enemies started out friends’ – ‘The Archer’

‘My heart, my hips, my body, my love, tryna find a part of me that you didn’t touch’ -‘Death By A Thousand Cuts

‘Flashbacks waking me up, I get drunk, but it’s not enough’ – ‘Death By A Thousand Cuts

‘Gave you so much, but it wasn’t enough but I’ll be alright, it’s just a thousand cuts’ – ‘Death By A Thousand Cuts

‘Remember how I said I’d die for you?’ – ‘False God’

‘Why’d I have to break what I love so much?’ – ‘Afterglow’

‘Tell me that you’re still mine, tell me that we’ll be just fine.’ – ‘Afterglow’

Killing me slow, out the window, I’m always waiting for you to be waiting below.’ – ‘Cruel Summer

‘ And I ain’t gotta tell him, I think he knows. – ‘I Think He Knows’

‘ You know I adore you, I’m crazier for you than I was at 16.’ – ‘Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince’

‘I like shiny things, but I’d marry you with paper rings’ – ‘Paper Rings’

‘We were in the backseat, drunk on something stronger than the drinks in the bar – ‘Cornelia Street’

‘I know heaven’s a thing, I go there when you touch me, honey’ – ‘False God’

‘Hell is when I fight with you but we can patch it up good.’ – ‘False God’

‘Darling, I fancy you.’ – ‘London Boy’

‘He got my heartbeat skipping down 16th Avenue.’ – ‘I Think He Knows’

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