Tips on How to Care for Antique and Area Rugs

If you have an antique piece, whether it is furniture, kitchenware, coins, or rugs, taking care of it means maintaining its value and keeping it around much longer.

The years an antique piece has makes it unique, but it also makes it vulnerable. Careful preservation using proven maintenance strategies is necessary for the item’s longevity.

The question is, do you know what to do to keep your antiques in good condition?

If not, don’t worry. We’ve compiled tips to help you care for your antique pieces.

Caring for Antiques

The beauty of antique pieces is in the years they have endured and the memories they hold. Caring for these items, however, calls for gentleness, knowledge, and the right tools.

Keep in mind that care and maintenance tips vary depending on different antique items. However, there are uniform ways of caring for antique pieces, and we’ve listed some below:

1. Dusting and Polishing

Whether you own a century-old clock, typewriter, trophy, or painting, dusting is still a requirement. You can’t allow your items to collect dust as that accelerates damage and wear.

You may want to use soft bristle brushes for dusting your antiques and avoid liquids and chemicals when polishing until you consult an expert.

Simple polishing with a clean, soft, and dry cloth will do just fine for any antique item. But if you need wax polish or varnish, make sure it’s suitable for the item.

2. Oiling

Antique pieces with mechanical parts may require oiling once every few years. However, to avoid damaging your item, you should have the right knowledge.

3. Light Exposure

Changes in the air, light, and temperature can be damaging to antiques.

Keep your pieces away from direct sunlight as the rays speed up discoloration.

You also want to avoid storing your pieces in areas with high humidity, as this could lead to the growth of mold. Devices like humidifiers and dehumidifiers should come in handy if you want to maintain a perfect environment for your antiques.

4. Handling

When handling antiques, make sure your hands are clean and dry. If possible, use gloves to avoid staining the items.

Try not to move antiques that much, but if you must, handle them with care because they are usually more delicate than they appear. In case of cracks and dents, don’t try to restore them yourself unless you have the expertise and tools.

Caring for Area Rugs

An antique rug warrants more attention, but that’s still the case, even if you have a modern area rug.

Rugs can be a huge investment. If you purchased modern rugs in LA, you’d likely spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands depending on quality and material.

As such, you probably want to keep your rug in good condition for much longer. These rug care tips are crucial to retaining the beauty and quality of your rugs:

1. Regular Vacuuming

When it comes to rugs, vacuuming should be your first line of defense against dirt and grime. Regular vacuuming prevents the fibers from losing their shine. You may have to use the suction-only feature if you have a long pile area rug.

Be careful when vacuuming antique rugs, though, because they are delicate. It’s best to use professional cleaners with experience handling antiques.

2. Cleaning Spills

Rugs tend to lose color and beauty when they accumulate stains over time. And it’s not like you can avoid staining your rug because spills happen.

You need to act fast and blot liquids using a towel. Scrape off solid stains gently and bring in a stain removal agent.

Baking soda or white vinegar mixed with any heavy-duty detergent can also do the trick. You may have to let the solution stay on the stained spot for a while rather than trying to rub the stain off.

3. Deep Cleaning

Once in a while, maybe once or two times a year, you should get your rug washed. You can do it yourself at home with a brush, lots of water, and detergent.

Alternatively, you can get professionals to clean it. They are more likely to use hot water extraction, which is ideal for deep cleaning.

4. Rug Restoration

Antique rugs may require restoration to bring back their shine. Restoration is a great way to keep old items from completely falling apart. Usually, certain areas on your rug with loose fibers may need to be reworked by an expert.

Final Thoughts

General maintenance of your valuables, including antiques and area rugs, is crucial to extending their lifespan for years. When it comes to antique items, in particular, general knowledge of proper care is much needed.

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