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Vidmate is Google’s free application that allows users to download their desire videos from various sources. A prominent list of video sharing tools is connected with it for allowing users to download their videos.

The most used platform for watching videos in the entire world is YouTube that attracts more than 1 billion visitors towards it every day. More than 3 billion videos on this platform in different formats have made this platform the most used in the world.


Every minute more than 300 videos are uploading on this platform. Including this popular platform, Vidmate allows the user to download videos from Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram and any others. Due to this feature, it has become part of every internet user and video lover.

Features of Vidmate

As we have described that this platform is connected with YouTube that is the most popular feature of this application. The YouTube videos can not be downloaded directly from it for later use at any place. The only way to download them for use at every time is the usage of Vidmate.

Now, let’s have a look at specific and useful features of this application that are the reason for getting huge traffic for this tool.

Resolution Support

There are multiple tools that allow the user to download videos from various sources. But many of those restrict you to use only one or two formats or resolution supports. It is the main reason to enforce the user to find another platform for browsing videos and download them.

Vidmate is the tool from which you can download videos in every type of resolution. It allows the user to download the audio files as well as video files in both MP3 and MP4 formats.

Furthermore, the resolution for the video can be selected HD as well which makes it more prominent in resolution selection format.

Lightning Speed For Downloading

Some of the important things that users hate to face are troubles in downloading videos. The speed for downloading such videos is the biggest problem that a person does not want to face in such situations.

For avoiding this issue, you will have to adopt the Vidmate application because it is very rare to face such issues in this application usage.

The speed of downloading on this platform is compared with Light speed because it is too high to capture. In the same way, you will experience a high speed of downloading while using this tool and can not measure it easily because the videos will be downloaded in a quick manner.

Live TV Facilities

Many people think that it is the tool from where that can choose only already uploaded videos that are uploaded some time ago. But it is not true because it has many other options that navigate this thought of people.

It has an option of live TV that is considered the most useful feature of this application. By using this option, you can watch live shows, programs, dramas, comedy shows and many others. In this way, this application has unbelievable options too along with common features.

Availability of Vidmate APK

Many applications allow the users their usage either only in an Android device or in the Laptop computer. They have not given access to use them in both the devices. But Vidmate apk is the application that allows the people to use them in both situations.

A user can use this application at any place and at any time because of its availability in Android or mobiles. For using it at any place, you will have to search it on Google directly because it is not available in the Play store. That is why it is also called Google application.

Access To Applications

Another feature of this application is that you can access many social media platforms directly from it without downloading them. The most used social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and any others can be accessed easily.

As you sign in your account in the related application of these platforms, similarly you would have to give username and password of your account for entering into all applications through Vidmate.

Final Words

I have used many applications for downloading videos like Snap Tube, TubeMate, NewPipe etc. But I found this application (Vidmate) the most useful as my needs are fulfilled by it properly. You can get this application easily from Google for free.

If anyone finds some other features, in both positive and negative aspects, you can contact us via email. So that, we can improve our article or change it with another for giving true and faithful information to our visitors.

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