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If you are an Android device user, you must know about Chinese based Vivo manufacturing company. It is one of the fastest-growing manufacturing brands of mobile phones in the world. Almost every user is now switching to this brand because of reasonable prices and beyond expectation results.

The price range of a standard mobile from this company is not high enough. You can buy a reliable, efficient, and useful device at very affordable prices.

The manufacturer is offering the best services around the globe in this regard. In the upcoming sections, we will show you that why Vivo is becoming popular rapidly day by day.

Why Vivo Is Becoming A Mobile Manufacturing Hub?

Vivo mobile is becoming the desire of every user because of various factors. Here we will discuss all of those features one by one to show you the actual reason behind its rapid growth.

Reasonable Prices

If we say that this is the core factor behind its popularity, then it might not be wrong. You can estimate the price range of this company’s mobiles by this factor that you can get a huge list of mobiles under 15000. has shown a complete list of fine mobile devices by Vivo that you can buy between 10000 to 15000 rupees. In addition, you may find an Android device of the same company at a lower or higher price too.

It all depends on the specifications that you are looking for in a device.

Quality Components

Many people think that Vivo is using low-quality components for the manufacturing of its devices. They support this phrase because of the low price tag of every device by the company. This conception is not right at all because the company is using quality components.

You can estimate the idea of the quality of components by looking at the guarantee of your desired device. It will show you that what kind of quality has been used during its manufacturing.

High-Quality Camera Results

Vivo is one of those mobile manufacturing brands that are using high-quality camera glass. Almost all Samsung and iPhone are considered the best companies with the capacity to deliver high-quality cameras in their devices.

But Vivo is providing reasonable camera quality that can compete with these companies to much extent. When you compare the price tags of all these companies, you will find Vivo the most affordable than the others.

According to many users, they don’t need any professional camera for casual photos when they have Vivo mobile for this task.

Long-Lasting Devices

Because of quality components, the company is manufacturing long-lasting and durable devices. You can use any of these devices for years by investing a very little amount. Vivo has kept this point in view that no one can change his mobile again and again.

Therefore, it is offering a mobile phone that you can use for as much time as you want. The only thing you have to keep the focus on is to care for your mobile phone.

Battery Life

Normally, android mobiles have a battery life of almost 16-18 hours. Vivo manufactured mobile phones have a minimum battery life of 1 day. It means that you don’t have to worry about battery life if you are using the mobile carefully.

The company will give you a warranty on the battery for a specific period according to the version of the mobile. You can extend that period by charging the mobile carefully. For efficient working of your handy device, you should follow all the precautions given by the company to you.


You can get a view of the list of Vivo mobiles under 10000 to 15000 rupees. Surely, you will get a wonderful and reliable device to use for almost every task.

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