What is WordPress?

Have you ever heard about a CMS? Or think about what a CMS and what really it does? If not, then I am here to explain it to you. First of all, I am we professional web developer and sometimes content writer, when it comes to sharing my knowledge about something that I know.

There is nothing to ashamed to share what you know about something. So, first of all, let me tell you about some core features of the website.

And they are only two in my opinion, and one is the front end development and second is the backend. So what is the frontend development? And what is the backend development? For simplifying the answer, take this as an example, what you are reading on this screen is only the front end, and when I am typing this article for you, that was my working on backend where only I can make the changes.

What is WordPress

In development, the front end means the graphics, the appearance, and the other things that you see on the screen are only the frontend, and the backend is specialized only for the features.

Where a developer creates the database, connect it with the website, types some quires, with you can sign up on a website and do other functions like call-in-action, etc. there are many technologies out there, with help of them you can have your own website, like the most basic and important one are, HTML, CSS, for front end, and for backend development, PHP, RUBT, .net and others. At the early stages of the invention of websites, there are very few people who are available who can do the code.

Time after time, this number has begun to increase, and now hare we are. First, you have to understand, there are types of websites, like E-commerce, blogging, affiliates, social media, news, entertainment, and others. So every model is different from the other one. The design, logic, and other things are totally different from one to another type.

With the innovation on the internet and its technology, now there are many CMS available. So what exactly is the CMS? CMS means a content management system that is efficiently designed for those people who want to create their own sites by themselves; regardless of they did not know about even the languages.  There are also the types of CMS like open source, propriety, and so. Now, how many CMS are available in the market? And which one is the best?

Than Bare A Little Graph For You To See To Yourself What Is More Popular,

CMSMarket Coverage
FrontPage 0,4 %
Adobe Dreamweaver 0,6 %
Weebly 0,7 %
OpenCart0,8 %
PrestaShop 1,2 %
Bitrix 1.3%
Wix 2.2%
Square space2.8%
Drupal 3%



Word press is the most advanced and most useable open-source CMS on the planet. And let tell you, it is the best that I’ve ever used. It does not mean that it does not have any kind of error, everything is not perfect, but compared to its advantages we can use it. Word Press is more popular because it can be used by anyone who doesn’t know to code. Open YouTube and types some queries like,

How To Install WordPress?

And you can find thousands of videos about it. It is the beauty of WordPress that you can create your own theme, or if you are not a developer, just chose any theme you need and install it instantly. For your information, there are millions of themes that are available in the market that fulfills your need in WordPress. These themes come in two categories, one is free, and the other is paid. Paid themes can give you more advantages like one-click installation, free demos, and more.

How To Install WordPress

The other thing I love about WordPress is the plugins. If someone does not know about, what is the plugin? Then think the add-ons on the chrome or any browser, why the add-ons are used in the browser? You are right, and they are used to enhance the functionality and the productivity of a browser. Likewise, plugins are used to improve the productivity and functionality of this CMS.

Well, I think now you know about WordPress as well as the CMS. If you are willing to know more about anything, you can comment down below and tell us about this article and suggest to us.

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