Why 2022 is the year for embarking on a journey with applied AI?

The times have never been this unpredictable. We are perhaps going through a time unprecedented in terms of precariousness. Today’s world is aware of the uncertainties that seemed absent before the pandemic. 2022 marks the beginning of an era of reckoning and enlightenment. In this new age, humanity expects more efficiency in day-to-day processes. And for that eradication of human errors has become a necessity.

Humans are defined best by the errors they make! But this unique trait can be detrimental if allowed to accumulate, sometimes even when they are standalone. Applied AI is the only solution to this very familiar ordeal. With AI we can eradicate human errors, without asking humans to challenge very human nature.

And today the circumstances are favorable for AI to flourish and evolve toward being more useful to humanity. Farsighted ventures are thus always eager to utilize the capabilities of automation and render their day-to-day processes more efficient. This article will discuss why the time for this important first step is just right in 2022! And dive deep into our needs to understand how AI fits into our story.

The AI ecosystem in 2022

An AI depending on the purpose can consist of a few components. These components can be independent automation entities like machine learning and deep learning tools or gadgets and sensors that are all controlled by a central superior intellect. All of these components are individually trained in isolation and perfected to a degree when they can be deployed with the other components.

The training of these entities involves a lot of known and unknown data that are relevant to the cause. The AI is thus perfected by a trial-and-error process. And involves feeding a lot of relevant data. Gradually the known data sets are replaced with unlabeled sets and unknown data so that the efficacy of real-world ordeals can be checked. After the AI is trained and tested, the same can be deployed for processes involving applied AI. And the data we need for this training process is available in an abundance in 2022! Generated by human beings and can be accessed through a plethora of ethical means.

4 applications of AI in daily life

1.In marketing

Marketing a product has always been an arduous affair. And the need for attention and research also engages a lot of human attention. But now, ideal customers can be easily spotted in this age of data and computers.

And the process can be completely outsourced to AI entities. And even after they are spotted, they can be engaged by engagement bots like suggestion bots and ad bots. After a product is purchased, the customers can be assisted through chatbots and customer support bots, which can help alleviate minor problems that needlessly involve human intervention.

2.In traffic management

Traffic management in big cities is an almost automated process in our times. It is nowadays impossible to control or prosecute the rule breakers just by human intervention as the number of these incidents will only increase, as more wheels are laid on the road. Therefore, traffic management AI entities are becoming increasingly popular. These AI entities are placed at the helm of cutting-edge devices, sensors, and cameras. And are equipped with computer vision and NLP capabilities. They can spot and prosecute rouge vehicles from as far as a kilometer. And that too without losing out on a lot of time.

3.In healthcare

In healthcare, AI is helping with analyzing a lot of medico historical data and developing personalized medicine. In addition, AI entities are also being deployed for hypometabolic and colorimetric diagnosis. Also, remote diagnosis is becoming more and more popular with time. Patients at risk from rapid onset diseases are benefitting greatly from this implementation and are living a carefree and secure life with remote devices monitoring their vitals at all times.

4.In the automobiles industry

The automobile industry is also greatly benefiting from the implementation of artificial intelligence. Today’s self-driving vehicles can ensure more safety and a productive travel time for their passengers. If coupled with modern navigation systems, they can take their passengers to any location that is accessible through roads.


Therefore, a tenure with applied AI in 2022 is bound to end in a fulfilling experience! With the increasing temporal precariousness, the dependency on automation will only rise. And therefore, the roles of AI professionals will only become more rewarding. Furthermore, in 2022, it is easy to find an institute that is aligned with the industry and prepares the students following the needs and expectations of the same. Thus, tech professionals who are looking for a mid-career upgrade, easily opt for applied AI and secure their professional relevance in the long run.

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