Why opt for an applied AI course in 2022?

The age of automation is here. The massive developments in computer sciences and allied disciplines are making it possible to harness the power of data. And train automation entities that can ease up the way we live. The times we live in are full of uncertainty. And the pandemic taught us how precarious things could get. And how quickly, the world around us can come crashing down. Therefore, the processes and day-to-day tasks must be executed with more efficiency and attention to detail. And human errors and related inconveniences must be eradicated from the root!

Automation entities like AI, machine learning, and deep learning make the same possible. And in the process increases the value of human effort! Naturally, despite ethical obligations, the implementation of automation is gaining widespread acceptance. As the trends speak, soon this acceptance will turn into dependency. And as a result, the role of an automation professional is poised to become more rewarding and secure. Brilliant minds and ambitious enthusiasts are thus flocking toward the discipline. As AI is still a budding and liberal discipline, anyone can take up an applied AI course with subsequent training. And secure a prestigious career in AI.

Essential traits for a good applied course


Ai education is resource intensive. It requires cutting-edge computation power. And the infrastructure that can support education, research & innovation. Therefore, the urban-industrial sectors & cities are the most ideal places for AI education to thrive. The industry and public sectors in the city are also the most potent candidates for the implementation of AI. As they can support the same with remarkable ease.  And can fit in easily due to the massive demands of efficiency! Therefore, the institutes, that are nestled in industrial cities, are ideal for a fulfilling tenure in Applied AI.

2.Industry Alignment

The favorably localized institutes enjoy proximity to the industry. And are always in touch with trends of the same. A professional in the AI industry can only command value if the skills they possess are relevant. And are useful in the contemporary industry if deployed in coupling with experience. Only an up-to-date curriculum can make sure of the same. Therefore, the institutes that are seen to update their curriculum often, must be considered s the most industry aligned.

3.Experienced faculty

The faculty determines the quality, approach, and quantity of education. Therefore, active and practitioner faculty members are markers of a well-functional institute. Thus, it is always wise to study the work and backgrounds of faculty members. And get in touch with them for a deeper understanding of the approach and offering of an applied AI course.

4.Exposure and placement

In long-standing institutes, the teachers usually possess years of experience in training and placing students. And with each passing year, they only become more adept at the same.  Many can identify a student’s strengths and interests and help them secure a thrilling career. And through these well-settled students in key roles in the industry, these teachers are always in touch with industry trends. And sometimes in a position to influence the trends. Therefore, ensuring industry exposure from an early career is a cakewalk for these teachers.

5.Humble and possible promises

Making lofty promises is an inexpensive process. And if the promises are fake there is no moral obligation to keep them as well. Fake, lofty promises appeal to the greed of potential students. And lure them into a money-grabbing trap. The “fun” begins when the students realize no one will ever bother to keep the promises. Therefore, it is wise to avoid those upstarts who don’t even know what to promise and the consequences of unfulfilled promises. And opt for an applied AI course that is promising things that are possible to keep.

What are the opportunities in AI?

The opportunities make AI education lucrative for students of all classes, stature, and background. Both the public and commercial sectors are trying to get rid of accumulating human errors and AI is perhaps the only hope for achieving such finesse. Therefore, a career in AI is poised to be secure and full of rewards. But the responsibilities are also crucial and any ineptness in performing them costs human lives. Therefore, training and experience are equally important for grabbing opportunities in AI.

1. The traffic control sector is using AI for the instant prosecution of rouge drivers. And they are achieving the same without deploying a lot of human resources on the ground.

2 .The healthcare sector is utilizing AI for the development of personalized therapies, and remote, automated diagnosis.

3. The transportation sector is poised to be revolutionized by the rapid emergence of self-driving vehicles. These vehicles are not only safer to use, but they are also known for providing a productive travel time.

4. Both public and private security services use AI to provide more effective remote security. AI entities can help protect a compound with minimum boots on the ground. And ensure quick and effective responses.

5. In marketing, huge amounts of, all kinds of data are being used for pinpointing the most potent customers. And then they are engaged by engagement tools like chatbots and suggestion bots.

6. In after-sales support, AI is making it possible to automate mundane, usual troubleshoots. So that valuable human resources can be devoted elsewhere.

7.In disaster management, AI is being deployed for automated analysis and alarms of environmental calamities. So that evacuations and precautionary measures can be implemented and millions of lives can be saved.

8.Automated kitchens are the future. Cooking takes a lot of time, something future human beings cannot afford. These kitchens can be loaded with ingredients and ordered to cook specific dishes through a smart communication device.


The opportunities and the favorable education ecosystem make a journey with applied AI the most lucrative in 2022! However, given the weightage of the responsibilities, employers are reluctant to involve freshers in their ranks and make risky hires. Therefore, taking up internships and relevant skill development programs are essential undertakings for a professional having completed an applied AI course. And choosing the right institute and relocating to the right city alone can cover most of the needs

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